prayer11PRAYER REQUESTS may be made either by calling the office (480-473-8400), completing a prayer request form in the narthex, or emailing

Names are kept on the prayer list for one month and then retained only if you notify the office with an update. Please let us know if you or someone you know in the congregation will be hospitalized. Please call the church office 480-473-8400 with the correct information about the hospital, room number and health issues which may affect the course of pastoral care.

Notify the Living Water Prayer Chain so they can pray with you and for you. God hears and answers!


  • Judi Bechhoefer (Friend of Michelle Brown)—Battling Cancer
  • Don Benson—Health Concerns
  • Becky Bliefernich (Niece of Barbara Brooks)—Battling Cancer
  • Nancy Blazer—Health Concerns
  • Barbara Brooks—Recovering from Surgery
  • Doug Burnett (Friend of Phil & Nancy Rogers)—Battling Cancer
  • Christi (Daughter of Charlie & Sue Boyd)—Recovery
  • Collin Cassem—Active Military Member
  • Vicki Dugas (Friend of Barbara & John Hannan)—Battling Cancer
  • Bernie Eccles (friend of Larry and Linda Coutts)—Bone Marrow Transplant
  • Ethan (Grandson of John & Sue Hornacek)—Life Struggles
  • David Fernandez—Active Military Member
  • Joy Gallimore—Health Concerns
  • Melody Gilkey (Daughter-in-law of Dave & Liz Gilkey)—Health Concerns
  • Jason Green (Nephew of Michael Donavon)—Fighting Coronavirus
  • Matt and Kristen Garrett (husband and wife)—Active Military Members
  • Sharon Holland (Friend of Barbara & John Hannan)—Battling Cancer
  • Al Hopkins (cousin-in-law of Lee and Sue Stenehjem)—Battling Cancer
  • Mike Knytch—Battling Cancer
  • Michael Koch (Grandson of Ron and Shirley Koch)—Health Concerns
  • Dee Martin and Tad Eickman (Friends of Marti Novak)—Battling Cancer
  • Lynne Mohr (Stepdaughter of Carol Gasser)—Battling Cancer
  • Annika Nelson & Family (Heidi Ruff’s cousin’s daughter)—Health Concerns
  • Beth Oujiri—Health Concerns
  • Jack Page (father of Stephen Page)—Health Concerns
  • Richard Reeder Sr. (Friend of Michelle Brown)—Health Concerns
  • Ruth Schlesinger—Health Concerns
  • Jay Van (Iris Van’s son)—Health Concerns
  • Gil Wahlberg—Health Concerns
  • Joan Walther (Friend of Sheila Fankhauser)—Battling Cancer
  • Lew Wilson (Friend of Lee and Sue Stenehjem)—Battling Cancer
  • Chuck Woods (Friend of Beth & Steve McCarthy)—Health Concerns
  • Oma (Friend of Mike and Lou Handley)—Fighting Coronavirus
  • Ricky (Friend of Mike and Lou Handley)—Fighting Coronavirus
  • Family and Friends of Marie Ball (Mother of Janice Moore)